Pay Day Some Day

People make decisions everyday that can affect the lives of many other people in our world. This song speaks to the reality that we are not alone in this world and we must consider the consequences of the decisions we make. Decisions are not without responsibility and consequences so we should make our decisions with great thought and care.


We’re killing our unborn babies.
They pay for our freedom to choose.
We’ve cut life down to a penny a pound,
Till it’s nothing for us to lose
No more the Ten Commandments? No more Golden Rule?
No more Family Values? No more Prayer in School?

When we took God out of the Classroom, Satan walked right in.
Now there’s Columbine and Blacksburg Virginia;
The beginning of the end.

Woe is me, Woe is me
It’s going to be, Pay Day Some Day,
Pay Day Some Day, Pay Day, Some Day.
Every knee will bend; every head will bow;
Every heart will fear; there’s judgment coming down.
Repent or stand before the throne and be on your own.

Freedom is down and counting. Satan’s Army is on the move
The Anti Christ Liberal Union; It’s the………… A. C. L. U.
The Media abuses freedom; they say what isn’t so.
They pound it down, into the ground,
Till we don’t know what we know.

We’ve listened to the propaganda, straight from the man of sin;
Now left is right, right is wrong and we’re dying from within.

Woe is me, Woe is me
It’s going to be, Pay Day, Some Day;
Pay Day, Some Day; Pay Day, Some Day;
Judgment’s coming down.

Written for the glory of God in Christ - Copyright Stacy Davidson, 2009 - Heaven’s Music BMI

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